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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Online shopping!

Recently I have wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and it seems I am not finding anything I truly love at stores, especially shoes. But recently I have been exploring online shopping a bit more.I have to say I have found some incredible deals. It started when my Glamour magazine arrived inthe mail.I was tempted to go to their website and under shopping I found some other great online shopping sites with amazing prices. Who would of thought I could get an entire outfit for less than $60!Ok at the stores I can get maybe a good blazer for  this price but a whole outfit thats crazy! But you can with great sites like puperlime or bebe and even forever21. And hey also tell you some great in store sales too. LIke great dressy jacket for $20 at Macy's. Yeah I never thought I could walk out of Macy's with anything under $50. TUrns out you can! My mistake for not looking hard enough. So if your looking to update your closet or find some great spirng outfits look to these websites:
 or all of these from

me jane jacket vneck long sleeve faux leather ruffle tie   this jacket $20 at macy's !

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My new Kodak Easy Share M590 camera

Favorite Hair Products

Recently I started trying out some new hair products from shampoo to styling products. Really only because i wanted to see whats out there.I didn't go to a salon I stayed right there in the hair care section at target or walmart. Why? because ,I could go and buy some expensive shampoo at a salon but lets face it with three kids I wasn't going to keep it up. So I decided to find some good products I know I will buy again and again. First off I tired a shampoo, which by chance I got in a trial size bottle, that I really loved it from the first time I used it. It was the Dove Intensive Repair. I really liked that even before using the conditioner my hair felt smooth not tangled like with other shampoos.I have long hair so it get tangled easy.
And after the conditioner it was even better. Now three weeks after using it I really do feel my hair is healthier than before.It's safe to say I will be buying this shampoo/conditioner again. Another product I really love and now can't style without is the John Freida frizz ease creme. I have flyaways and static in my hair often and this seems to really help with that.I also use it on my daughters hair because her hair has so much static and it helps her hair too.
The Last product I love is Treseme's heat protecting spray I will never straighten or curl my hair without it again. My hair would break at then ends a lot when I used heat and I feel this really protects those delicate ends.Now I am not saying I don't have split ends and some hair that breaks off but not nearly as much as before. And I feel I can go longer without getting my hair trimmed because it is so much healthier.
These are my favorite products and have become a staple in my hair routine.
I hope this help ..if you try them let me know what you think!
Til my next post

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

extention to ..where have they gone?

OK just quickly because its been a long day,but I had to share. I wrote about manners in kids, well tonight I was proved wrong but not in a good way! I was in line to buy some food and there was a table infront of me where kids were buying candy. So there they were pushig and shoving and I thought ' its ok kids you'll get your sugar' lol.. And I thought that was the worst of it,but nope here came this little old lady walking towards me and to my surprise she starts shoving me out of the way! She was heading towards the kids table telling a little girl to hurry up because she was leaving soon. Good I thought ...That's were I was proved wrong, kids aren't the only ones misssing manners.

Where have they gone?

Recently I have been noticing how some kids have completly forgotten manners. I ask where have they gone? You see a teenager cough without covering their mouth,or kids running around almost knocking you over! I remember when I was a kid it was mandatory to say please and thank you and you had to say excuse me to pass. Now I get shoved and people are surprised to hear my kids say thank you at the checkout. I would say it is a lost art because you don't see kids practice their manners very often.I think it is an important skill that will last a life time. I strain the importance of these manners in my kids beacuse its simply rude to see kids older than 8 or so cough all over you and push you out of the way! I say parents it is our job to make sure we pass these along and remind other kids that are not your own about their manners. It isn't common sense, they need to be taught...
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting Mondays off Right!

Sometimes starting the week is difficult, but you can make it so much easier if you prep on sunday. For example Sunday night i finish any laundry left and pick up the weekend mess(which i think we all have ). And of course I enlist the help of my husband who in my case is a blessing in help, also the older kids can help too! Its a sunday afternoon routine to help the week start off on a good note.                   
Monday mornings are so much nicer when you wake up to a clean or at least somewhat decent house and you don't have to start from the begining, you can move on to more enjoyable things like the stove! just kidding but at least your not stuck doing dishes first thing in the morining.

Also dont forget to plan your weekly meals so your not fussing around during the week at dinner time.